Soft Pneumatic

Design and fabrication of a soft pneumatic prototype

For the swamscape project a soft pneumatic prototype was constructed to show the possibilites of bending architecture on triangular surfaces.

The soft robotic inspired module shows the magnification from a small scale robotic approach to a larger architectural scale. To achieve that, the prototype consists of four different parts: A) Soft pneumatic silicon air chambers that are casted in MDF boxes. The silicon chambers are inflated by air and will push each other so that the structure will bend. B) A hard core (3mm MDF), that guarantees the soft parts move in the intended direction. It also stabilizes the the complete shape and allows for it to be assembled easily. C) A 3D printed valve board with an in- and outlet. It is completely infused on the back side of the soft silicon chamber and bridges the connection to the hard wood and the air tubes. It solves the critical part of the sensible connection to the air distribution system. D) A top silicon layer with infused mdf triangles. The MDF secures the connection to the pneumatic boxes and the silicone around it ensures the flexibility of the hinges in between.

Partners Benjamin Kemper, Daniel Fischer, Mindaugas Arlausk

Date 2016 / 02 / 01

Remarks Exhibited at Argus Expo & GSM3 exhibition at the Faculty of Architecture, TU Delft (2016)