Prototype of a hybrid robotic fabricate

A prototype was produced for the Echosphere project out of EPS and cork. Both the EPS as the cork are roboticcaly produced. The EPS as a 3D object and the cork as a 2D object that morphs into its shape. The subtractive modelling of the EPS is based on a structural optimization and sound reflection. Force lines morph the surfaces defining the EPS into position. The spots which need to be reflective stay in their original position. Information is mapped from the 3D realm of the EPS to the 2D production files of the cork plates. The hills and valleys of the EPS structure inform the morphing of the cork grid, componential logic of the cork, and thickness of the cork plates.

Partners Benjamin Kemper, Anneloes Kattemölle, Daniel Fischer, Sina Mostafavi

Location Protospace, Architecture Faculty TU, Delft, Netherlands

Date 2016 / 09 / 01

Remarks Exhibited at Argus Expo & GSM3 exhibition at the Faculty of Architecture, TU Delft (2016)