Game Set Match

Interactive stage

For the Game Set and Match 3 symposium of Hyperbody an interactive stage was developed. My task on this project was the design and fabrication of the folding lectern and the interactive screen.

The folding lectern is an additional building block to the stage that can fold from flooring piece into a lectern. The lectern offers a safe spot on the stage for lecturing and has space for electronics and lecture notes. The piece is designed by altering three curves in a parametric model, both the design outcome and the production files directly react to changing these curves. A feedback loop is established between design and production. The interactive screen is a web-aplication that loads content from both social media and Hyperbody media to improve audience involvement with the symposium.

Partners Benjamin Kemper, Daniel Fischer, Rolf Huijgen, Stephen Renard

Date 2016 / 11 / 11

Remarks Used at the three day GSM3 symposium at the Faculty of Architecture, TU Delft (2016), on semi-permanent exhibition at Protospace, Faculty of Architecture, Delft