Connecting people in inconspicuous ways

Echosphere is an atmospheric stage that improves the acoustic quality for lectures. On architectural, functional, and acoustic level it enables the connection between lecturers and the audience. It is an optimized shell structure with a sound absorptive capacities, developed for Hyperbody’s gsm3 symposium at the orange hall at the TU Delft. The focus of Echospheres prototype is on combining and integrating materials, a mix of solid and plate materials in the ways of subtractive manufacturing.

In large conference halls the sound quality is often a problem. Echosphere aims for providing a solution for the acoustics.The idea of an acoustic shell for stage design is developed in the project by using two-dimensional ray tracing to get the right shape of the shell.

The goal is to engage the audience with the lecturers on and around the stage. It incorporates seating areas for discussions, a corridor to the back of the stage, and a bar. Overall a smooth transition between the functions is aimed for. This means that floor, wall, ceiling, and seating area are all designed in the same system.

Partners Benjamin Kemper, Anneloes Kattemölle, Daniel Fischer

Location Orange Hall, Architecture Faculty TU, Delft, Netherlands

Date 2016 / 07 / 01

Remarks Selected for Argus Architecture Annual 2016 & Argus Expo 2016