Bio Facade

Technoledge Facade Design

In this design the focus is on bio-based building. The environmental problems that were taken into account are on the level of materials, energy and water. Most of the materials used are bio-based and when this was not possible the material is recycled.
Cross laminated timber is used for the construction, I joist for the façade construction and Accoya treated wood for the façade finish. The insulation material is made of wood fibers, which is moist regulating, so less plastics are needed in the façade. The roof is a water regulating green roof with integrated solar panels, to as well generate energy in an efficient way and to distribute the rainwater more equal over time to the surrounding of the building. The foundation is made of recycled concrete Stelcon slabs, this way no new concrete has to be cast and this material is well available.

Partners Robin op de Beek, Andreas Holterman, Mark Evertzen

Date 2015 / 10 / 06